Red Ink Panic: The Author-Editor Relationship


Hi, folks! I'm going to make this brief, but I just discovered a wonderful editor and speaker, Sarah Grey, who beautifully describes the author-editor relationship on her blog. Sarah was invited to speak at the second annual National Writers Union Writers' Conference, "Publish & Sell Your Work," at NWU's New York City headquarters.

Not only does she touch on when, how, and where to hire an editor, but she also acknowledges the anxiety authors can sometimes feel when hiring an editor—also known as the "red ink panic." I love what she has to say, and if you're interested in moving forward in the editing process with your manuscript, I think you will, too.

My favorite bit of advice she shares with authors? Editing is a gift, not an insult. As editors, we know this isn't an easy perspective to adopt. We know your manuscript is your baby. Sarah gracefully points out that our job, as editors, is not to strip you of your confidence or make you feel like you're not a good writer. We're not mean old English teachers! Our job is to make you look good and to make your work look good. I hope Sarah's insights bring you peace of mind as you start the editing journey with your beloved manuscript.

Check out her words of wisdom: