Life Lately: Falling into Fall

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I cannot believe it’s almost November. Truly, I’m shocked how quickly time has gone by. The leaves are beginning to change here in Raleigh, life is settling into a new rhythm, and I find myself craving—more or less—time to curl up on the couch with a good book and some peppermint tea.

But my days are full. Full of good things, nonetheless, but still full. Prioritizing reading has been hard, but I’ve been trying to cut myself some slack about that.

Even though I’m reading slowly, I’m working my way through The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater, Lair of Dreamsby Libba Bray, and a few Christian titles. I’m loving the books I’m reading right now.

I’ve jumped into new projects at work, and I’m learning a ton about the publishing world. I worked my first bookstore conference, and it was wonderful to physically hold the books I’ve been working on and put them in the hands of readers. It’s such a gift to be proud of the books my publishing company puts out year after year.

More than anything, I’m learning to be patient with myself. I’ve only been at this publisher for four months officially, but my responsibilities have grown and my capacity for learning new things has grown.

A and I are leading a small group Bible study at our church, which has been keeping us quite busy. The podcast is slowing down on season 1—we need a break to rest and brainstorm for season 2, which will be out most likely by the end of January. What a wild ride it’s been! By the time our last episode comes out for season 1, we’ll have published 25 episodes. We’ve published one episode. Every. Single. Week. Since we started. We literally did not miss one week. It’s so true that working with someone else on a dream project holds you accountable in the best ways.

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What else can I say? Life has just been buzzing by, but I’m trying to appreciate the challenges and blessings that come.

How has your October been? Have you been enjoying the fall season? Is this season full for you, too? What are you reading? I want to hear what you’ve been up to. No matter how busy I get, I love to check in on the Bookstagram/book blogging world.

Happy Reading! x