The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill


Oh, I adore this book. Kelly is a masterful storyteller, and I feel this one was brewing in her for a while. Lovers of middle grade—no matter their age—will come away with their own kind of sticky-sweet starlight: more joy, inspiration to forgive and cling to hope, and love multiplied.

This is a story about magic, how lies and sorrow and fear can rule and ruin, but how even the brokenness of the mad can be repaired with strength and hope.

Sorrow erupts, love blooms, stories bend, paper birds cut, magic grows, and all the things we forgot or think we know can come raining down or simply click into place. If you ever feel the weight of sorrow will swallow you up, this book will gently remind you that hope is here. It's here. It's here.