Ghosted by Rosie Walsh


Thank you to the publisher for gifting me this copy of Ghosted. Katie and I were able to interview Rosie Walsh for our podcast, and it was such a joy to talk to her.

Oh, I devoured this summer contemporary like candy. Or maybe honey is the right word; the prose is so smooth and draws you in instantly.

There's no better feeling than picking up the perfect book for your season of life—the perfect read you're craving. Ghosted was sweet, heartwarming, heartbreaking, gushworthy, swoonworthy, and a story I will always look back on fondly.

This contemporary book has complex relationships that make your heart ache, flawed but deeply lovable characters, several layers of secrets/intrigue to keep pages turning, and a premise that is just downright fantastic. The TWIST was so, so good.

I was touched by (and didn't expect) the way mental illness was handled—and dysfunctional relationships wrapped up in mental illness, all of which are gray areas. Certain scenes were so raw that I actually had to put the book down, though I suspect this is more of a personal response and not something all readers would be affected by.

I had a lump in my throat the whole time during these scenes, because, oh—Rosie Walsh gets it. I always love when an author is able to examine something from all sides, especially something as complex as mental illness, loss, bitterness, and tragedy. She handled all of these topics lovingly, honestly, and with great empathy and care.

A real squeal-as-you-read-can't-stop-smiling kind of book. If you love Liane Moriarty, I'm pretty confident you will love Ghosted.