Books I Plan to Read in August


Hi readers, I'm finally posting my August TBR! I may be too ambitious—it is August 9 and I haven't picked up a book yet—but I need to commit, prioritize, refocus. Life is crazy, and I don't want my reading to fall by the wayside.

I decided last month I want to try to read at least one book a month that's been on my shelf for more than six months. Lately, I've been checking books out at the library, getting new books from publishers, buying new books, et cetera. It's a great problem to have for this bookaholic, but I own so many books currently that I desperately need to read.

I'm not one to get too anxious about taming the growing TBR pile in my home, but I do want to make sure I'm making some progress. This month, I plan to read Station Eleven and Walk Two Moons, both of which have been on my shelves for more than a year. Yay for small victories, right?

Anyway, here's what I'm hoping to tackle in August:

Sharp Objects, by Gillian Flynn

I'm currently listening to this with Aaron on Audible (in anticipation of the show, which is receiving so much praise!), so it may take me longer than expected. I started it on a road trip and will probably end it on a road trip next week, so hopefully it will work best to get through it in pretty big chunks of time.

We started it on a five-hour road trip from a wedding in VA, and it was so fun to listen with Aaron and two other friends. A real-life reading party where everyone was actually invested in the same story! Normally I fly through audiobooks by myself, but listening with another person takes coordination and focus. We're both so invested in the story already, though.

One of the friends in the car with us planned to pick it up from the library when she got home, but she accidentally read spoilers flipping through the book (my nightmare!). I'm nervous about how dark this is going to get, but in a way, I'm kind of here for it?

Anne of Green Gables, by L. M. Montgomery

It's happening, guys! Katie finally convinced me to read Anne of Green Gables, and she even bought and sent me a beautiful edition to spur me on in my reading. She is seriously such a gem. How did I get so lucky to have a friend and podcast cohost as great as Katie?

Anyway, we decided that me reading Anne was such an event that we had to do a readalong! People who have read and loved Anne—and people like me who have never read Anne but have always meant to—are rereading/reading Anne of Green Gables this month together!

#NoThanksWereBookedWithAnne already has some traction on Bookstagram, which makes my heart so happy. I have high expectations for this children's classic, which always kind of freaks me out. But I know I'm going to fall in love!

The Ensemble, by Aja Gabel

I picked up The Ensemble from the library and need to race through it before its overdue. *Sigh* why am I like this? Anyway, Kat from @Kathareads is also reading The Ensemble, so I'm excited to have another buddy read/readalong to motivate me.

I think I'm going to love this one; Anne Bogel raved about it on her podcast, What Should I Read Next. I've heard it's slow moving at first, but I'm convinced I will push through. Any beautifully written story about musicians has my heart, especially character-driven novels. But we'll see!

I do have a fear it will be kind of like The Nest (anyone else get those vibes?), which I felt pretty on the fence about: it had complicated characters, but ultimately, they felt distanced to me. Not really my jam. I do have high hopes for The Ensemble, though. Let me know if you've read this one and loved it!

Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel

I have been meaning to read this novel for so long. So many people have told me I would adore this book, including my husband. I don't really know why I've been dragging my feet. Maybe it's the dreaded pressure I feel to love it or my expectations? Maybe it's because I heard it wasn't really a page turner—at least at first? I feel like I need page turners these days in my reading life. This part of my life feels fragile, if I'm being honest. I want to make sure whatever I'm picking up is immersive.

Several people have told me if I liked The Night Circus, I would like Station Eleven. I don't actually think there's any overlap in the plot, except for the train (?), so that's interesting to me. I loved The Night Circus, but if this one is also in omniscient POV, I might be a little nervous. Omniscient POV is so. HARD. to do well in my book. Regardless, I do have this feeling in my gut that I'm going to fall in love with this one. I just have to take the plunge!

Walk Two Moons, by Sharon Creech

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I'm reading this. I've picked this book up and put it down so many times; I'm like the girl who cried Walk Two Moons instead of wolf. Who's going to believe me this time? I didn't even put it down because I didn't like it. Things just kept getting in the way. I'm really excited to finally get to this one. I know Sal's journey is beautiful and emotional and sweet, and those are the family stories and middle grade novels worth pursuing.

I've been reading and loving so many middle grade novels this year, so I think this one will fit right in. I also feel like summer is a great time to read this book. Let me know if you agree.

I'm hoping to read it next week at the beach! Have you read this one yet? If so, what'd you think? 

What are you reading in the month of August? Let me know in the comments!

Happy reading! x