NTWB: Interview with YouTuber + NYT Best-Selling Author Hank Green

Hank Green Photo and Hardcover 06142018.jpg

I still can’t believe Katie and I got to interview Hank Green (episode 17) for the No Thanks We’re Booked podcast!

Hank is a YouTuber (cohost for vlogbrothers along with his brother and beloved author, John Green) and the NYT best-selling author of debut novel, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing. This speculative fiction/science fiction read was so much fun—and powerful.

His book about power, internet fame, and how people deal with the uncertainties of the unknown is so timely in today’s political climate. We’re thankful Hank shared April with the world. This is an important book, and we loved hearing about his motivations behind writing it, what the actual process was like, and what he hopes readers take away from it.

Check it out now on our website (psst, you can find other lovely podcast guests and authors on there, too!).

Happy listening! x