The Book We've Always Needed


Becoming by Michelle Obama is so worth the hype, y’all. Listening to it on audio felt like I was having coffee with Michelle herself (she narrates!), learning just what her love and her husband’s love for our country cost her. How it changed her. And how she took that love and forged a path with it—a path for women. A path for people of color. Her passion and love made a way for people to dream big.

Becoming is more than a story of life with the Obamas, and it’s more than a book about politics. It’s a gracious glimpse into all of the untold, intimate moments of making a marriage and a family. I was blown away by Michelle’s intentional efforts to empower women, specifically, and I was humbled by her vulnerability and honesty as she shared all of the different slivers of herself: all of the ways she stumbled toward new beginnings and new identities, letting her experiences mold her and grow her, no matter how painful.

The word becoming in itself is so vulnerable; it’s the rounding of a corner and sitting in an unknown, sometimes uncomfortable space. Michelle let us see that fragility and strength together so beautifully, and that’s what I loved about this book.

She is a powerhouse, but she still shared her insecurities and fears. She stands firm and demonstrates courage, but she isn’t afraid to show you wobbly knees—because showing your fear or emotion doesn’t make you less of a strong woman.

This book isn’t about overcoming fear. It’s about what you do with that fear and how you actually move toward it—because you have a love that’s bigger and a call that’s more than yourself. That’s a picture of grace and courage we need as a country. I’m thankful for this woman and how she’s left her mark. I’m certain this autobiography will stay with me for a long, long time.