What I Pack in My #GastonLuga Bag for a Reader's Day Out

Hello, lovely readers!

If you follow me on Bookstagram, you’ve probably already heard me raving about my new @GastonLuga bag. It’s beautiful, and right now I’m using it to lug around my books, but pretty soon it will serve as a diaper bag (we’re in the 90-day window, people! What the what?!).


When I’m out and about but still planning to read, these are the essentials I take with me:

  • Books (duh), and plenty of options to choose from

  • A Kindle (and charger!) in case I’m not feeling any of my recent reads #MoodReaderProbs

  • Highlighters + pens

  • Sticky notes (though I’m not afraid to write in my books, people!)

  • Book sleeve (my lovely friend @booknerdnative gifted me one, but there are plenty of bookstagrammers who make and sell them and they are just darling!)

  • Bookmarks

  • Journal/notebook to write down any favorite quotes

  • Headphones (in case I want to switch to audiobooks or listen to some tunes while I read)

  • This water bottle I’ve been obsessed with—because, hey, when you read outside in NC, you’ve got to stay hydrated!


There are so many wonderful Gaston Luga bags to choose from! If you’re in the market for a beautiful backpack, check out their webshop: https://gastonluga.com/. I love the Swedish design—and they offer free delivery and returns worldwide!

Use My Discount Code!

Right now they are gifting a free passport holder with every bag purchase. If you’re interested, use my code MOLLIEREADS15 to receive 15% off on all items. Thanks to Gaston Luga for gifting me this beautiful bag, and let me know if you end up lugging your books in a Gaston Luga bag this summer, too!


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