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Ode to the Bloggers: Why I'm Loving Old-School Blogging Again

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while now and have wanted to share my thoughts with you, but I really wanted to let it “steep.” I revitalized the blog this year and fell back in love with my RSS reader—keeping it old school—and honestly, it’s giving me life.

I was pretty passionate about blogging in 2011–2014(ish). I’d say those were the “golden years” of blogging for me, even though many bloggers would probably say I was late to the game.

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The Book-Blogging Facelift

Hi readers!

I've decided to give the old book blog a little bit of a facelift. I've always been quite inconsistent with blogging content, but since I'd started the NTWB podcast, I really haven't had much time for my BookTube channel. To be honest, I'm not sure what will become of it, but I know it's just too much work to keep up with both.

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