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Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Tiger Lily, the heartbreaking retelling of Peter Pan, still haunts me. It really does. This book was so refreshingly beautiful, I would recommend it to everyone—even those who aren’t typically drawn to young adult fiction. There’s a wildness to this retelling, as if we’re let in on this addictive secret. . . . Tinker Bell is the narrator, a fairy who never speaks or makes a ripple in the lives of the characters she follows. She takes “fly on the wall” to a new level, and readers get front-row seats to a monumental love story, but one that is so different from the “happy ending” love stories we all grew up hearing.

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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell: A Twin's Perspective

Fangirl is a beautifully delicate coming-of-age story that I really resonate with—not because I am a fangirl like Cath, but because I am a twin and Rowell really nails the #twinning relationship. I may not be as delightfully nerdy as Cath, but I do identify with her in a lot of ways, and I am not the only reader to feel this way. Rowell taps into this new world and really brings it to light, making readers feel as though they are on the inside of this secret universe. She has an incredible ability to build complex characters and still make the pages turn. I’m serious, y’all. These characters came to life for me. I feel like I know them, and I was so sad to say good-bye.

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