Process + Rates

 I currently work part-time at a traditional publisher, so I’ve had to be extremely selective with the freelance projects I take on. If your project doesn’t fit my skills or schedule, I will try to recommend another editor to you. 

I accept payment by check, Venmo, or PayPal payments (note: I add a small service fee to my quotes for any author who prefers to use PayPal). I charge by the hour for all editorial work and my rates are within industry standards.

Before sending a quote for any editing project, I collaborate with clients and evaluate several pages of a manuscript to select the appropriate level of editing or proofreading needs. My process varies depending on the client, but I typically provide a sample edit of a few pages to supply authors or publishers with a page-per-hour estimate. The sample edit is a free-of-charge service to demonstrate my editing style and skills.

After the initial sample edit of the manuscript, I outline specific services that will enhance or improve the quality of the manuscript, depending on its needs and weaknesses. If a client agrees with my editing style and wishes to move forward with the proposal, I deliver a contract for the work. Once both parties have signed the contract and the manuscript files are delivered, I will begin the mapped out editorial work.

Depending on the type of services needed, I include a detailed editorial letter or comprehensive analysis at the completion of the project, as well as a thorough style sheet for authors and publishers. An estimated 50 percent of payment is due at the start of editing. The balance will be due at the completion of the project. Electronic submissions are edited with the Microsoft Word Track Changes feature.