“Mollie has been wonderful to work with. Timely, pleasant, helpful—she executes everything with a high level of expertise. Couldn’t ask for a better editor.”

—Elliot Brooks, Peace and Turmoil: The Dark Shores

“Mollie delivered our manuscript in record time. She did an amazing job of maintaining the original voice of the book while polishing the verbiage. I was very impressed and give her my highest recommendation!”

—Emily Osburne, Owner, Red Marketing and Technology

“For the last eleven years, I have been seriously, slowly, painstakingly creating a book of my paintings and drawings accompanied by essays recounting my journey as an artist. I bought the Chicago Manual of Style when I got serious about publishing, and Mollie constantly referred to it when she made changes. I wondered if she slept with the CMOS under her pillow. There were a few sections where my writing was more passive than active, and Mollie challenged me to make those passages better. Reading through it now, my descriptions are much clearer and stronger. Not only do I feel like Mollie helped me bring Birds of the Pacific Flyway to a level of polish I could not have achieved alone, I feel she put me through a postgraduate class in writing that allows me to add writer to my resume with confidence. Thank you, Mollie!”

—Thomas Anderson, Birds of the Pacific Flyway

“As a beginning writer, your first editor becomes an essential collaborator in achieving a lifelong dream. She helps you polish your prose, gives direction where you may have gone astray, and helps you to better resonate with your readers. For me, Mollie has done this and more, and I will always be grateful for her guidance. On her website she quotes Maya Angelou about there being no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you. I would recommend her to anyone struggling to get that story out and to help you express it in the best way possible.”

—Jerry Inberg, The Shuffle Thumpus

Why You Need an Editor

As a writer, there is nothing more important than the authenticity of story. Between complex character development, dynamic plot elements, and language, crafting a narrative that is true to itself is easier said than done. 

A second pair of eyes will transform a reader’s experience. Rather than relying on spell-check and hoping for the best, writers need equipped, passionate editors to:

•       Flag grammatical, spelling, and usage errors that conceal the quality of work

•       Assist in fostering clear, concise revisions to enhance language and readability

•       Ensure consistency and abide by vital style rules

•       Enrich the overall manuscript with respect to the flow, structure, and tone of the narrative

•       Communicate necessary changes to create positive connections with readers

In today’s competitive publishing world, authors are more aware than ever of their need to have a professional editor review their manuscripts. Whether your manuscript needs a good polish before submission or it is still in the development stage, all manuscripts benefit immensely from professional editing.